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The Top 5 Interior Trends Right Now

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 8 Aug 2017

The Top 5 Interior Trends Right Now

Whether you’re looking for a complete interior makeover, or just looking to change up a few bits and pieces throughout your home, here are 5 trends that are hot right now.

Go geometric

Geometric patterns can be found everywhere in interior design - from tiles to cushion covers, rugs and more, which means you can either go big with flooring tiles and wallpaper, ormake a statement with custom geometric patterned curtains. Either way, it is a definite trend alert that can have your home looking fresh and thoroughly modern.

Courageous colours

Neutrals will always be in, but they really are the safe option, so feel free to have some fun with bold colours. From deep turquoise to rich plum, dusk blue to sultry red - picking one of these hues to make a statement
is a surefire way to refresh dated decor.

Choose a wall if you’re feeling brave, or if you just want something small to start with, you could always paint a bookcase so you can incorporate the colour, without having to heavily invest in it.

Of course curtains are also the perfect way of bringing in a standout shade into the home, without having to commit long term, and our 10 day turnaround on the brand new Urban Collection means you won’t have to wait to go bold.

Metallics and marbles

Metallics have been in for a while now, but their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Think brass splashbacks, brushed metal pot plant holders and glass furniture (coffee tables, shelving) with a rose gold frame. Bronze in particular is definitely on its way in.

Marble in its natural form is most commonly found in the bathroom, and as benchtops in the kitchen - but the look itself is able to replicatedinto any kind of piece you can imagine, which is why it now adorns the pages of interior design magazines in many shapes and forms. From duvet covers, to candle holders and artwork, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this elegant trend into your home.

Go from ordinary to extraordinary by selecting a few key items that will bring sophistication to a space, but make sure you pair both metallics and marble with softer, more matte finish pieces.

Nurture more nature

Greenery is in! Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 is even called greenery - and there’s no doubt it is a nod to the humble house plant who has decided to make a comeback in a big way. Which is why you should ensure you’re well stocked up on a peace lily or two in order to add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your interior.

Add a bit of the outdoors with organic fabrics from our curtains collection. Or go bold with nature-inspired custom curtains.

Ferns are your friends in the bathroom (they like humidity), or have some herbs on hand in the kitchen. And remember, this is one trend you don’t have to really worry about going overboard with, so you could have at least a couple of potted greenery in every room of the house - think a chain of hearts hanging down the side of a cupboard, or popping some cute cacti on the windowsill.

Loud lighting

No longer should lights hide away in the ceiling - in fact they should be front and centre stage, and not just in the living room either, as there is a place for them anywhere you would like to add a touch of style.

Think large pendant lighting, either singular, or in a group, and here’s where you can play with different materials, sizes and colours - it’s time to make a statement.

The great thing about this trend is that it can also incorporate the styles we have mentioned above - industrial (metallics), geometric, and nature-inspired pieces. And if you’re worried about swapping out your main source of lighting for something you’re not sure will work, you can always hunt out the perfect floor lamp.

Our in-house interior designer Anita Shirley and all Harrisons Curtains experts can work with you to incorporate the latest trends and styles in to your home. Book a free home consultation today by calling us on 0800 102 004 or via the website.

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