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Our New Roller Blinds Impressions Range

- 27 Mar 2020

We have launched our latest range of bespoke roller blinds, featuring eight gorgeous designs.

Now you have the opportunity to transform your room with colour and pattern creating mood and...

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2020 Trends Forecast

Anita Shirley - 20 Mar 2020

Welcome to the 2020 trends forecast, we are excited to show you the way interiors are heading and have compiled 4 evident design themes, with some key ideas around colour, texture and designs coming...

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Designers pick of the month – Megan

- 1 Feb 2020

Megan is a stunning fabric that brings the beauty of the outside world indoors.

Printed on a cotton base cloth this expressive floral will bring a timeless aesthetic to any interior with a...

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Latest release – Diana

- 1 Feb 2020

Expressive & timeless Diana is a large-scale floral, printed on a cotton base cloth. Available in 5 stunning classic colorways.

This image is featuring Maple.

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Pantone Colour of 2020 - Classic Blue

Anita Shirley - 15 Jan 2020

​Pantone Colour of 2020 “Classic Blue” is a reassuring blue, full of calm and confidence. See how you can introduce this classic blue into your home

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Interior Designer pick of the month – Pina Colada

- 1 Jan 2020

Ignite the senses with a colourful explosion of tropical flora and fauna. Boasting a vibrant colour palette of contemporary hues and an illustrative aesthetic that is modern and bold, Pacific...

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Five most common questions about blinds

Anita Shirley - 19 Nov 2019

1. Do they have thermal qualities?

Our thermacell blinds have exceptional insulating properties. Air is trapped in the cellular honeycomb construction creating an effective barrier against cold...

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Latest release - Sea Side Collection

Anita Shirley - 11 Oct 2019

Digitally printed, this dual-purpose collection evokes the relaxed, luxury lifestyles associated with the coast. Transitional designs of Sand Dunes and Coastal feature diamond and lattice patterns....

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Latest releases - Hayman Island

Anita Shirley - 10 Oct 2019

Beautifully textured and effortlessly organic, Hayman Island is a tactile sheet with a tranquil ambience that is serene, casual and effortlessly relaxed. Boasting a harmonious balance of colour and...

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Latest release - Izmir

Anita Shirley - 8 Oct 2019

Izmir creates a handcrafted aesthetic with the use of an organic textured yarn placed carefully throughout the construction giving dimension and interest. Toned in natural shades of linen, with a...

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Latest release - Lux

Anita Shirley - 2 Oct 2019

Lux has a soft fluid drape, subtle sheen and is a luxuriously light weight sheer. It is weighted, and is suitable for both residential and commercial application.

This image features colour Nile

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Latest release - Trento

Anita Shirley - 2 Oct 2019

Inspired from the weathered landscape and its eroding forms, Trento takes this very raw process to create a design with harmony. Trento is printed on a semi-sheer base cloth which gives the design...

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Latest release - Sesena

Anita Shirley - 30 Sep 2019

Sesena is sophisticated and luxurious. With plush, silky textures and an alluring colour palette. The Botanical print exudes modern luxury that fuses traditional yet contemporary design. This image...

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Lates release - Beachlands

Anita Shirley - 27 Sep 2019

Beachlands has a beautiful organic appearance with a subtle yarn colour variation through the weave. This linen look has been achieved with a polyester composition, available in a colour palette...

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Latest release - Ettore

Anita Shirley - 26 Sep 2019

Ettore is a transitional sheer with a subtle Gingko leaf print. This breezy, filtering fabric draws inspiration from the idyllic island lifestyle bringing a sense of calm to any space. Available in...

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The quality is in the detail

Anita Shirley - 25 Sep 2019

When it comes to curtains, quality is paramount. From daily use to direct sun exposure - damage can occur. At Harrisons, we will never compromise on any of the elements that go into creating a...

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Our Designers pick of the month September 2019 - Maraetai

Anita Shirley - 21 Sep 2019

Maraetai is the perfect fabric for effortless draping in both contemporary and traditional homes. With an organic feel that is earthy yet subtle, Maraetai is a sophisticated sheer that allows light...

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Motorised Blinds

Anita Shirley - 20 Sep 2019

Motorisation of roller blinds has shifted window furnishings into a new era of sophistication and intelligence. Our extensive selection of both battery and wired motors from Rollease Acmeda delivers...

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How to create a cohesive look in your home

Anita Shirley - 20 Aug 2019

There are plenty of ways to create a cohesive look, without everything having to ‘match’.

Start with the basics

Keep your large items in neutral tones, whites, greys and browns, without...

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Latest release - Alva

Anita Shirley - 19 Aug 2019

It’s time to feel at home with Alva, a textured plain with timeless style that can be incorporated into existing design schemes with ease.

From rustic country homes and breezy coastal bungalows...

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Energy Efficient Window Treatments for year-round Comfort

- 2 Aug 2019

When it comes to heating (and cooling) our homes, we’re pretty quick to turn to electronic appliances to do the job. But without the right window treatments, you could be spending more on power...

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Choosing the right lining

Anita Shirley - 1 Aug 2019

Windows play a major role in controlling the temperature within a home. During winter it is easy to lose heat, and in summer it is easy to overheat a home if windows are not appropriately covered....

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Latest release - Lodge

Anita Shirley - 31 Jul 2019

Timeless yet traditional, Lodge offers sophisticated florals with a decorative feel delivered through its large-scale design. With its transitional pallet and dual-purpose properties, Lodge is a...

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Our designers pick of the month August 2019 - Budapest

Anita Shirey - 31 Jul 2019

Light and airy with relaxed coastal vibes, Budapest is a dreamy sheer that will

breathe new life into existing interiors. Or add lining for a more solid block look.

Boasting a sophisticated...

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Our designers pick of the month July 2019 - Watervale

- 31 Jul 2019

Watervale is a decorative dual-purpose floral with a transitional tulip pattern. With its mid-scale design and digital print overlay, Watervale brings an organic serenity to a space with its 100%...

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What Home Renovation Shows have Taught Us about Home Improvements

- 14 Jun 2019

There’s no doubt about the popularity of home makeover shows – there’s no shortage of them on our TV screens. But while many of us watch for the drama, and of course to critique the room...

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How to: Transition your Child’s Room to a Teenage Retreat

- 14 May 2019

The time comes in every parent’s life when their child decides it’s time to take control of their room décor – usually as they approach the teenage years. And while it is nice to let them...

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Six of the Best NZ Interior Instagram Profiles to Follow

Harrisons - 17 Apr 2019

There’s no doubt Instagram is a terrific place to find vast amounts of home décor inspiration – but then you could be scrolling for days!

Here is our pick of some of New Zealand’s...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Blinds

- 20 Mar 2019

When it comes to choosing new blinds for your home, it’s good to have an understanding of the different types available. This will help you to make a more informed decision as to which kind will...

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Bringing Pantone Colour of the Year into your home (and other design trends for 2019)

- 6 Mar 2019

There’s no doubt that Living Coral is a statement hue if ever we saw one. Daring, yet sweet, it has the potential to be used in a variety of ways to deliver a playful, refreshed interior.


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Top Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Your Blinds

- 17 Jan 2019

Routine cleaning will help maintain the beauty of your blinds. Here are our top tips on cleaning your blinds to maintain their longevity and quality.

Sun-screen, Block-out & Light filtering...

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Latest releases November 2018 - Bora Bora

Anita Shirley - 22 Nov 2018

Colour Denim

Perfectly romantic and effortlessly dreamy, Bora Bora is a timeless sheer with a soft and sophisticated ambience.

Boasting continuous self-weighted characteristics and a functional...

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Latest releases November 2018 – Budapest

Anita Shirley - 22 Nov 2018

Colour Slate

Light and airy with relaxed coastal vibes, Budapest is a dreamy sheet that will breathe new life into existing interiors.

Boasting a sophisticated colour palette of soft...

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Latest release November 2018 - Istanbul

Anita Shirely - 19 Nov 2018

A strong geometric design with a subtle statement through the use of softened tonal contrast.

Specter is printed on a soft, semi sheer polyester.

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Latest release November 2018 - Somerset

Anita Shirley - 19 Nov 2018

Inspired by Japanese teahouse designs, this intricate jacquard construction details the soft delicate blossom, lifting spirits on arrival and signaling the wonderful cycle of nature.


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Latest release November 2018 - Devon

Anita Shirley - 19 Nov 2018

The flower of admiration and affection, Devon is the perfect example of the timeless floral juxtaposed with modern colouration. Painted with a soft watercolour technique adding to the strength of the...

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Latest release November 2018 – Hampshire

Anita Shirley - 19 Nov 2018

Rich reds and moody greens dominate the colour palette, providing the perfect balance for the traditional aesthetics of a floral print.

Sitting on a linen toned base cloth is the finishing touch.

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Latest release November 2018 – Cotswold

Anita Shirley - 19 Nov 2018

Strong design elements of scale and colour give Cotswold a timeless presence. A traditional floral boldly coloured, creates a transition between traditional and modern living.

Black and white,...

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Latest release November 2018 - Norfolk

Anita Shirley - 16 Nov 2018

Botanical illustrations created the inspiration for Norfolk. Burst of colour mix with detailed plant forms, overlapping and trailing.

Norfolk is a feast to the eye inducing energy and conversation,...

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Latest release November 2018 – Finn

Anita Shirley - 15 Nov 2018

Finn is an essential core basic, linen mix product.

This timeless aesthetic is refreshed with zesty pops of colour which co-ordinate beautifully with existing print designs. It is available in...

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Latest release November 2018 – Parade

Anita Shirley - 15 Nov 2018

Parade brings a youthful approach to the classic stripe by adding pops of colour to the otherwise neutral colour pallete.

Twists of citrus yellow, soft pinks and steel blues add to the playfulness...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Tiffany

Anita Shirley - 2 Nov 2018

An organic textured weave, drawing inspiration from hand spun, woven textiles.

Tiffany focuses on the simplicity of the yarn, creating the simple pleasure of a single element within the design.


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How to Choose the Right Colours and Patterns for your Home Furnishings

Harrisons - 30 Oct 2018

Home interiors of the 70s, 80s and even 90s had a very distinct look about them because, back then, there weren’t a lot of options when it came to furnishings and décor. Today – it can sometimes...

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October 2018 Latest Release - Crystal

Anita Shirley - 2 Oct 2018

From the Artisan Collection and available in ten different colours. Our niche range incorporates a little bit of everything: pattern and plain, weave and print, but all in moderation with something...

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Choosing the right curtains and blinds for different rooms in your home

Harrisons - 2 Oct 2018

Has the time come to update the curtains and blinds in your home? Stop! Before you choose one option for the whole house, know that each room has its own needs and requirements. So take the time to...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Kensington

Anita Shirley - 4 Sep 2018

Kensington is a beautifully balanced jacquard design. Elements of this timeless classic are subtly interlaced with contemporary styling. A refined colour palette of harmonious tones delivers this...

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Four Notable Interior Design Styles

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds - 22 Aug 2018

When the time comes to refurbish your home, or just refresh your decor, it can be a little overwhelming to start from scratch. So for a bit of inspiration, here are four notable interior design...

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August 2018 Latest Releases – Taj Mahal

Anita Shirley - 15 Aug 2018

The versatility really lends itself to allow Taj Mahal to set a tone or subtly integrate into any drapery setting.

Taj Mahal is a fabulous plain with 38 colours giving a very broad range. It has a...

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August 2018 Latest Releases: Childrens Collection - A-Z, I Spy, Peek a Boo & Zoo

Anita Shirley - 13 Aug 2018

With a refined colour palette, and youthful balance this Animal themed collection is a delightful mix of four prints consisting of animal parks, jungles, safaris & alphabets.

With a warm autumn...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Billowy

Anita Shirley - 3 Aug 2018

Finely textured and airy, Billowy is created with three layers of woven yarn. The design is delicately coloured in soft greys, whites and neutral tones, with a simple colonial lineal design balancing...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Java

Anita Shirley - 8 Jul 2018

Drawing from classic colonial textiles, Java represents the simple luxury of a 100% linen fabric. An enduring emblem design inspired by the Batik technique ensures the design nestles into the weave,...

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5 Ways Custom Curtains and Blinds Enhance Your Home Life

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds - 20 Jun 2018

Despite hanging in almost every home, curtains don’t get a lot of credit or attention for the work they do. Often an afterthought, or seen as a ‘necessity’ over something that is actually...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Impression

- 13 Jun 2018

A crushed semi-sheer with the addition of a metallic yarn; Impression brings an element of subtle glamour to the contemporary home. Suitable to use as a wide width drapery, while the polyester linen...

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June 2018 Latest Releases - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness & Dundee

Anita Shirley - 1 Jun 2018

Showcasing an urban sophistication that brings back classic texture and weave with a modern clean tone. Representing the rich Scottish culture through its namesake, the line is made up of tones and...

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5 Easy Winter Home Makeovers Ideas

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds - 29 May 2018

As the season’s change from hot to cold, it provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in a home makeover. The best thing is, it doesn’t have to be expensive, or labour-intensive to achieve a...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Vegas

Anita Shirley - 17 May 2018

A show-stopping wide-width design, Vegas curtain fabric has sixteen gorgeous colours with a crush finish creating texture and drama.

Contact Harrisons Curtains & Blinds today for a free in-home...

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Resene Colour Matching For Your Home

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds - 25 Apr 2018

Harrisons has always prided itself on being a family-owned and run, Kiwi company – but coupled to that trusted aspect of our business, we’ve grown to become a truly integrated firm that’s...

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April 2018 Latest Release – Bristol

- 9 Apr 2018

Pamper yourself with Bristol, a delicate semi-sheer with a soft lightweight handle that creates the perfect drape every time. Featuring a subtle damask-inspired design that is elegant yet stylish,...

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April 2018 Latest Release – Dublin, Galway & Cork

Anita Shirley - 7 Apr 2018

This range presents a refined urban feel, achieving the perfect balance between natural and organic without losing that high-end look. Dublin, Galway and Cork is a texturally pleasing drapery offer...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Cactus Bay

Anita Shirley - 4 Apr 2018

Capturing the essence of coastal living, Cactus Bay is a contemporary range that is serene and stylish. Featuring a modern leaf design, this printed sheer is the perfect balance of light, pattern and...

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Home

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds - 14 Mar 2018

Gone are the days where curtains only provide a practical purpose for your home. With a variety of materials and fabrics on offer, curtains are an important part of interior décor.

When it is...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Form

Anita Shirley - 7 Mar 2018


A geometric jacquard sheer, giving softness to an angular design. A clipped weave forms a geometric design evoking the idea that mathematics itself isn’t as hard edged as perceived. Form...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Organic

Anita Shirley - 15 Feb 2018


Presenting a sophisticated sheer with a soft lightweight finish and unique geometric design, Organic is a transitional fabric that is both delicate and refined. Offering a stylish...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Asti

Anita Shirley - 18 Jan 2018


Asti fabric offers a sustainable textural weave realistically mimicking a natural fibre, reinforcing simplicity of a plain weave drapery. The open nature of this weave gives dimension,...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Beach

Anita Shirley - 5 Dec 2017


With a beautiful blend of yarn dyed and open weave construction, Beach focuses on the simple pleasure of weave and the return to traditional constructions.

Earthed and timeless, this...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Summertime

Anita Shirley - 14 Nov 2017


Serene and timeless, Summertime combines a stylish ombre effect with an organic colour palette to create a tranquil space that radiates a refined sense of comfort and wellbeing.


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Blinds or Curtains? How to Make the Right Choice for Your Home

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 6 Nov 2017

When it comes to buying window treatments for your house, curtains are usually the first choice that comes to mind for most home owners.

So how do you decide which is right choice for you? Here are...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Porsche

Anita Shirley - 25 Oct 2017


Porsche is woven in a linen-polyester blend with a soft Airo finish. The angular geometric stripes are softened by the tranquil tonal colour palette and the organic painterly forms...

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4 Design Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 16 Oct 2017

New houses today are typically built with large, open living areas - a desirable quality for most home owners. But if you’re in an older property, and stuck with the walls where they are, there...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Pure

Anita Shirley - 21 Sep 2017


Tranquil, serene and inherently restful, this soft sheer offers organic characteristics with the perfect balance of colour and texture. PURE offers a fluid and light drapery quality with...

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Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 11 Sep 2017

Spring is just around the corner, so this is the perfect time to get started on all sorts of home maintenance projects. Here are some top tips to help you give your home a refresh before summer.


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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Floral, Symmetry & Blossom

Anita Shirley - 22 Aug 2017

Floral, Symmetry & Blossom

This collection consists of three print designs that offer a beautiful range of coordinating prints; a bold watercolour floral, a tranquil blossom and a graphic...

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The Top 5 Interior Trends Right Now

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 8 Aug 2017

Whether you’re looking for a complete interior makeover, or just looking to change up a few bits and pieces throughout your home, here are 5 trends that are hot right now.

Go geometric


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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Earth Tones

Anita Shirley - 19 Jul 2017

Earth Tones, a plain fabric that has beautiful draping qualities. With its crushed finish and cross dyed colourations, it offers a unique textural quality, with a neutral colour palette.


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What Makes Harrisons Curtains and Blinds Unique?

- 3 Jul 2017

Local Harrisons Curtains & Blinds franchise owner, Maree McCloy, and Harrisons Carpet franchise owner, Tim Morrison, visit The Cafe to discuss what sets the Harrisons Group apart and the benefit of...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Habitual

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 14 Jun 2017

Encapsulating the concept of Lagom, Habitual offers a stripe design that is balanced with enough texture and interest to intrigue, but pulled back to a two-tone lineal design. A little bit more than...

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Why Mildew Resistant Curtains Are a Must for Your Home This Winter

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 25 May 2017

Mould and mildew aren’t just unsightly stains on your curtains - they are also a hazard to your health, sometimes resulting in respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

And it’s in winter...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Mustang

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 9 May 2017

The Mustang Curtain Range

A go-to plain that is available with coated qualities. Mustang has been relaunched with fabulous new colours that have a gorgeous subtle texture running through the yarn....

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4 Ways Custom Curtains Can Change the Look of a Room

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 24 Apr 2017

Curtains can often be an afterthought when it comes to decorating a living room - but they shouldn’t be.

With the power to transform a space from four walls and a ceiling into a place that...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Serene

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 10 Apr 2017

The Serene Fabric Range

SERENE is a transitional fabric that is perfect for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Hand painted Serene draws inspiration from the vintage botanical designs...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Ahipara

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 15 Mar 2017

The Ahipara Range

Lose yourself in the weightlessness of this sophisticated sheer, with soft organic textures and a delicate weave. Presenting a dry tactile finish and a functional 300cm wide...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Bali

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 6 Feb 2017

The Bali Sheer Curtain​

This stunning new sheer range is soft and alluring. With an organic design and neutral colour palette, Bali can be incorporated into existing interiors with ease, creating...

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When Two Becomes One: Why It Pays to Layer Curtains and Blinds

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 23 Jan 2017

When it comes to dressing your windows, it’s not simply a matter of choosing between curtains and blinds – sometimes you can have both.

Design always incorporates mixing both style and...

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Curtains and Blinds Summer Trends and A Look Forward to 2017

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 9 Jan 2017

Although the mix of summer sunshine and all those New Zealand public holidays between Christmas and the end of February means that Kiwis like to focus more on time off at the beach than sprucing up...

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Video: Top Tips for Choosing Curtains and Blinds

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 19 Dec 2016

When it comes to choosing curtains and blinds for your home, there are a number of things to consider. Follow these top tips from the experts at Harrisons Curtains and Blinds when choosing new window...

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Video: Shutters and Blinds from Harrisons

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 5 Dec 2016

Your window furnishings whilst adding the finishing touches or a feature point to your interiors also provide functional solutions to everyday needs. Our Harrisons products range from a beautiful...

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Finding the Right Fit for Your Beach House: A 5-Point Guide to Dressing Holiday Home Windows

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 18 Nov 2016

As Kiwis head toward another summer season, thoughts turn to holiday homes and family baches.

And because we’re a nation used to spending time by the sea, the vast majority of those homes are...

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Fading Glory: Choosing the Right Window Treatments Can Keep Your Home in Top Condition & Save Money

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 2 Nov 2016

If you’re renovating your home or building from new, chances are that you’re hoping to fit out your rooms with beautiful new furniture and accessories.

And, of course, a large part of stamping...

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Harrisons Curtains & Blinds on Creative Living

Ryan Belz - 6 Oct 2016

Renovating a 100-year-old Kiwi villa is never likely to be plain-sailing and, right from the first episode of TV3’s latest home makeover show, Creative Living, there were challenges and changed...

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9 Tips for Choosing Curtains, Blinds or Shutters for Your Apartment

Ryan Belz - 9 Sep 2016

New Zealand is facing an unprecedented change in how we live as more and more of us choose townhouses and apartments – and that is also changing how we decide to decorate our homes.


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Harrisons Companies Showcasing at Home Shows Across NZ

Ryan Belz - 8 Sep 2016

The whole family of Harrisons companies is ready to hit the road to bring our expertise and products on a national tour of home shows.

And to make sure that we look our best, we’ve designed and...

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Room-by-Room Window Design Guide for Home Renovators

Ryan Belz - 31 Aug 2016

How you dress your windows affects both how your home looks from the outside and also how your rooms function and feel from the inside.

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds product manager Melissa...

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Six Trends That are Influencing How New Zealanders Choose Curtains, Blinds and Shutters Right Now

Ryan Belz - 22 Aug 2016

Because our experts at Harrisons Curtains & Blinds are constantly delivering free in-home consultations for New Zealanders and listening to what guides our customers in terms of inspiration and...

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Our Experts Answer Your Most Frequent Curtains, Blinds and Shutters Questions

Ryan Belz - 19 Aug 2016

Before booking a free in-home consultation with one of our Harrisons experts, plenty of you like to do your research about styles, designs and current fashions.

And although our website has...

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Resident Builder Peter Wolfkamp Discusses NZ Window Furnishings

Ryan Belz - 1 Aug 2016

​Resident Builder Peter Wolfkamp discusses what’s new and what’s trending in window furnishings with Melissa from Harrisons Curtains & Blinds, on his popular radio show on Newstalk ZB 6am to 8am...

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Thermal Curtains and Blinds Help Your Health and Your Wallet

Ryan Belz - 1 Jul 2016

Pop on a thermal jumper, coat and boots and head out into a freezing winter’s morning. Add the electric blanket and flannelette sheets to the bed and turn up the heat pump or stoke up the fire now...

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Making the Most of Winter

Ryan Belz - 24 Jun 2016

In the past 10 years, a lot of time and money has been invested in the state of New Zealand homes and where many of them fall down in terms of an acceptable level of health ratings and energy...

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Introducing New Arrival, the ‘Jatani’ fabric

Anita - 21 Apr 2016

Jatani is our latest new sheer collection, distinguished by its open weave and raw touch. The organic and airy sheer allows a gentle light to permeate the room while enhancing a sense of privacy. A...

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Fabric Spotlight: Daisy Chain & Trellis

Jessica Harrison - 2 Mar 2016

With all kinds of fabrics and colours to choose from, picking your curtains can seem a bit daunting. It can be tough to know what matches the style of your home – or even where to start looking!...

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Choosing The Right Curtains and Blinds

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 20 Jan 2016

The first step to decorating your home with new window furnishings is working out which product is most suitable for both your space and your lifestyle.

Your window furnishings whilst adding the...

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