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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Billowy

by Anita Shirley on 3 Aug 2018

Finely textured and airy, Billowy is created with three layers of woven yarn. The design is delicately coloured in soft greys, whites and neutral tones, with a simple colonial lineal design balancing...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Java

by Anita Shirley on 8 Jul 2018

Drawing from classic colonial textiles, Java represents the simple luxury of a 100% linen fabric. An enduring emblem design inspired by the Batik technique ensures the design nestles into the weave,...

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5 Ways Custom Curtains and Blinds Enhance Your Home Life

by Harrisons Curtains & Blinds on 20 Jun 2018

Despite hanging in almost every home, curtains don’t get a lot of credit or attention for the work they do. Often an afterthought, or seen as a ‘necessity’ over something that is actually...

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Anita’s Interior Design Pick of the Month - Impression

on 13 Jun 2018

A crushed semi-sheer with the addition of a metallic yarn; Impression brings an element of subtle glamour to the contemporary home. Suitable to use as a wide width drapery, while the polyester linen...

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June 2018 Latest Releases - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness & Dundee

by Anita Shirley on 1 Jun 2018

Showcasing an urban sophistication that brings back classic texture and weave with a modern clean tone. Representing the rich Scottish culture through its namesake, the line is made up of tones and...

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