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Room-by-Room Window Design Guide for Home Renovators

Ryan Belz - 31 Aug 2016

Room-by-Room Window Design Guide for Home Renovators

How you dress your windows affects both how your home looks from the outside and also how your rooms function and feel from the inside.

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds product manager Melissa Goodege and interior designer Anita Shirley say choosing a consistent theme with fabrics or styles of curtains and blinds can give your home a well thought-through feel but it’s still vital to consider the individual requirements of each room.

Here’s their room-by-room guide to choosing curtains and blinds for a whole-home makeover.

Living Room

It’s important to balance a high-sun area with sun streaming through big floor-to-ceiling windows with a need to feel warm and comfortable in the colder months .
Mixing drapery with sunscreens and blinds can give you the best of both insulation and protection against harsh UV light.

Master Bedroom

Although a consistent choice of drapery throughout a home gives a stylish finish, choosing a more textured fabric or layered fabrics in the master bedroom can help it stand out and feel like more of a retreat.

Children’s Bedroom

Choosing blackout fabrics and blinds are a must both to help children get to sleep in those long summer evenings and for extra privacy. Design rooms around functionality as well as bright and childish themes – for example make sure blind controls are fixed securely with child locks and are easily accessible for adults.

Kitchen and Laundry

Choosing blinds that can stand up to moisture and heat, are easy to clean and won’t absorb odours is a must for these high-use areas.


As well as having the same issues as the kitchen and laundry, the bathroom also needs an added component of privacy. Remember that sunscreens that give privacy during the day work in reverse in the evening or at night when they’re lit from inside.


Sun rooms can have plenty of hard-to-each skylights and windows. Because honeycomb blinds are fixed on wire runners and can be operated by poles, they are perfect to help cut glare in the summer and offer insulation on cloudier days.


Garages often double as both utility rooms and storage for expensive vehicles and equipment, so your choice of furnishings must be durable but also keep out prying eyes. And because garages are often uninsulated, cellular honeycomb shades can help keep your garage warmer, especially if it’s where you work out or keep your workshop.

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