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Choosing The Right Curtains and Blinds

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 20 Jan 2016

Choosing The Right Curtains and Blinds

The first step to decorating your home with new window furnishings is working out which product is most suitable for both your space and your lifestyle.

Your window furnishings whilst adding the finishing touches or a feature point to your interiors also provide functional solutions to everyday needs. The range of product available can appear daunting at first, the best place to start is to consider your functional requirements. Window furnishings can provide insulation, privacy and protection from the UV light for your home and interiors. Most often a combination of product is needed to address all requirements.

Window Furnishings for Daytime Privacy

Sunscreen Blinds, Venetian Blinds or Sheer Voile Curtains will provide you privacy during the day but still allow the light to come through and give you visibility out. Ideally these products are fitted inside the window frame allowing for a second product to be installed on the outside of the frame to provide privacy and insulation at night.

Best Blinds for Sun & UV Protection

Sunscreen Blinds provide the best protection against UV damage to your interiors they will filter up to 96% of UV rays.

Solutions for Evening Privacy/ Total Light Blockout

Curtains, Romans, Rollers & Venetian Blinds are all great solutions that provide evening privacy. 100% light blockout fabrics are available for Curtains, Romans and Rollers although to ensure total light blockout is achieved, product must be fitted outside of the window frame. Internally fitted product will always have a light gap of approx. 10mm on each side.

Sunscreen Roller Blind

Popular Curtains and Blinds for Insulation and Warmth

Honeycomb blinds are suburb insulators, the pleated air pockets have a double glazing effect. Curtains & Romans using fabric with either a thermal suede coating or separately lined in thermal or triple weave lining will also aid in keeping the warmth in your home.

For assistance with the choosing the best window furnishings for your new home or renovation project, get in touch.

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