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Fabric Choice

Fabrics for Curtains and Romans Blinds


There are multiple fabrics available all with varying compositions. There are no fabrics which are 100% full proof against mildew or fading, by choosing a fabric with a high man-made fibre content such as polyester will increase the durability and lifetime of your curtains. Fabrics with 100% natural fibre composition whilst looking beautiful are not stable, Linen for example is prone to atmospheric conditions and will shrink in intense heat and drop in cooler conditions.

Colour & Design:

The space of the room and size of your windows as well as your own personal style and preferences plays a huge part in this decision making process. If you have multiple large floor length windows in a single room/area with minimal wall space you are potentially better to choose a plain fabric. A bold patterned fabric, when your curtains are closed at night can dominate the room and make it appear smaller.

However due to the flat nature of Roman Blinds a patterned fabric can create a beautiful feature point to a room as it is almost like hanging a piece of art on the wall.

Jacquards have a selfpattern which is weaved into the base cloth an effective way to add interest to the fabric without it becoming too dominate in the room.

Plain fabrics can be dressed up with the use of decorative rods also a plain fabric can have a texture still adding interest & allowing it to become a feature point in the room.

Dark colours can make a room appear smaller whilst light tones will make a room appear larger however if you have light coloured walls this will counteract a dark fabric and be a lovely contrast.

Our Fabric Range

Fabric Range for Curtains
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Fabrics are divided into 3 main categories.

Thermal Coated/Tripleweaves:

Thermal coated fabric has a suede coating fused onto the back of the face cloth, this is available as either a 1, 2 or 3 pass which refers to the number of layers of the suede coating. A 1pass coat will blockout 60% of light whilst a 3pass will blockout 100%. Tripleweaves provide the same insulation properties as Thermal coated fabrics & blockout 98% of the light. Both of these fabric do not require a separate lining making them an economical option.


Uncoated fabrics encompasses a wide range of fabrics with varying compositions, basically the terms means that these fabrics require a separate lining to be sewn onto the back.


Voiles, Organza’s & Muslin fabric is transparent allowing visibility out. During the day a sheer curtain will provide privacy & and filter the light & UV rays.

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