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Match Your Curtains and Carpets at Harrisons’ Curtains and Blinds

See what works best in your home

New window furnishings can help create a great new look for your home, from contemporary design to a more classic style, and at Harrisons we can help you put together a total design solution for each room.

To make it easy and foolproof, we’ve partnered with an expert Interior Designer – Anita Shirley. With her inspired ideas, you can create a look that’s smart as well as stylish.

Matching curtains, carpets and wall colours

Anita has been working with Harrisons focusing on colour matching across our curtain and carpet ranges. Using accent colours, complementary hues and a judicious mix of textures, Anita’s colour schemes are practical and proven.

A fully qualified Interior Designer with years of experience, Anita’s skill is the way she selects paint colours that harmonise beautifully with the curtain ranges stocked by Harrisons.

Anita’s work builds on the Harrisons approach to home improvement. With years of experience in colour, and with carpets already matched to the Resene paint colours, it made perfect sense to bring together the total colour package of carpet, curtains, and paint. That way, you can be sure our designs and fabrics will marry up perfectly in your home.

Popular Design ‘Mood’ Boards

Anita has put together a series of colour-coordinated ‘mood boards’ that showcase our most popular curtains and carpets alongside some recommended colour and textile matches. These are a great way of judging the effect you’ll get with curtains, floor coverings and wall colours when designing the look of a room.

Whether your taste is simple and classic or a little more adventurous, your local Harrisons curtain consultant can take you through Anita’s ideas and discuss the possibilities for your home.

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