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Tracks & Rods

Curtain Tracks & Rods

Selecting the right rod or curtain track system will greatly enhance your new curtains.

Curtain Tracks are available in a number of styles and configurations, most Tracks and Rods can be bent or curved to accommodate any window shape. Below are our most popular configurations.

Tracks and Rods

Tracks and Rods

Ultraglide Track

A simplistic track designed purely for functional use, typically these tracks will be matched colour wise as close to the wall colour as possible as they are a non-feature point and will be covered by the Curtain. Ultraglide Tracks are available either hand drawn or cord drawn.

25mm Track Rod

A decorative finish, Track Rods are a feature point and provide the look of a rod but also the full functionality of a standard track (Ultraglide). The Curtain is designed to sit just below the bottom of the Rod. 25mm Track rod can be bent to fit most angles of a window frame (ie Bay Windows) and are also available hand drawn or cord drawn

35mm Track Rod

Identical to the 25mm version, the 35mm track rod is a feature point but with a slightly larger diameter this Track Rod makes a larger statement. This Track Rod to can also be bent and is available either hand drawn or cord drawn. However there are a few limitations with the configurations.

Track & Rod Colour Options

Track and Rod Colour options