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Lining Choice

Linings for Curtains and Roman Blinds

​If an uncoated fabric has been selected then a separate lining must be added to the back. The reason for this is not only to provide longevity and protection to the front cloth but also for insulation purposes as well.

There are countless linings available however we have simplified this and ranged the two most popular and functional choices which will provide
an option for any application.

Triple Weave

The most superior lining available, Triple Weave linings are mildew resistant and are machine washable offering great insulation properties and up to 98% light blockout.

Thermal 3 Pass Coated (100% Light Blockout)

Like a Thermal Coated fabric the suede coating is fused onto the back of a polycotton face cloth. Thermal lining has the same insulation properties as a Triple Weave but do not perform as well against mildew however do provide 100% light blockout, making this the best choice in situations where someone maybe needing to sleep in the room during the day.

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