Popular Choices & Tips

Tips for Choosing Curtains and Blinds

  1. Mix it up

    A popular product combination is Sunscreen Blinds with Curtains or Roman Blinds. The sunscreens are fitted inside the window frame & provide daytime privacy & protection from UV. The Curtains or Romans are fitted outside of the frame & provide privacy in the evening as well as insulation, keeping the warmth in your home.

  2. Don’t forget about water and steam

    For high moisture areas of the home such as Bathrooms, PVC Venetians or Roller Blinds are an ideal choice due to their resilience against water & steam. Mildew that may form on the product over time can be easily cleaned off.

  3. How high should you go?

    Not all windows in a room are at the same height, some might be full length and others not therefore wherever possible to maintain the illusion of height in the room and achieve a consistent look all product should be fitted at the same height and if a Curtain drop all the way down to the floor.

  4. Maximise the light

    To maximise the light in the room and ensure the Curtain stacks back onto the wall and does not encroach over the window the Curtain Track or Rod should be extended 10% of the window width either side. Roman Blinds when pulled up will typically have a stack of between 150mm – 200mm, that is why it is best to fit them 100mm – 150mm above the top of the outside of the window frame to maximise the light in the room when the blind is pulled up.

  5. Dual function slats and blades

    Venetian or Vertical blinds are an economical option, providing a dual function for both day and night. By simply tilting the slats or blades you can filter light during the day and close the slats or blades completely at night.

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