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Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 11 Sep 2017

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer
Spring is just around the corner, so this is the perfect time to get started on all sorts of home maintenance projects. Here are some top tips to help you give your home a refresh before summer.

Shine a light on your windows

As we move towards warmer weather, we tend to have our drapes open for most of the day and even in the evening, so making sure the windows are sparkling fresh is key.

Give the windows in your home a good scrub with hot soapy water before using glass cleaner, as there is sure to be a build-up of the elements, particularly on the exterior.

Banish mould and mildew

During the colder months, our curtains can get a bit of battering from mould and condensation. So be sure to check for signs of mould and mildew build up - and take care of it straight away, as aside from being unsightly, it is actually a real health hazard to you and your family. Our triple weave lining has mildew resistant qualities so that can be a good fabric choice if you are looking to replace them.

Tackle Moisture Problems Early

Think about tackling the problem of moisture in your home now to protect your family and your new, clean curtains next year. Harrisons i-vent ventilation system reduces condensation and moisture and brings the benefits of dry, filtered air into your home.

Refresh your interior decor

If you need to really reinvigorate your space, it may be time to change your window furnishings. Harrison’s latest release - the Urban Collection - is the perfect option for refreshing your home for spring and summer. Don’t forget about sheers either, they play an important part of a window dressing if you are looking for both practicality and to create a softer stylish touch.

Prepare for the sun

While letting the sun stream through our windows seems like a good idea most of the time, harsh UV rays can actually do quite a bit of damage to our interior - including fading on carpets and furniture. Sunscreen roller blinds allow light to come through filtered, so you can enjoy the sunshine, without the consequences. They also provide the right amount of privacy during the day, while still allowing visibility from indoors to out.

Here’s a few more handy hints on how to get the best results from your spring cleaning -

Cleaning your blinds and curtains

To clean your blinds, take a damp cloth and carefully wipe over the blades.

A regular vacuum of your curtains will tackle the buildup of dust that often happens on curtains.

Some curtains you will be safe to hand wash yourself but in most cases we recommend that you use professional cleaners. Some services will do pick-up and delivery.

Do one space at a time

Don’t feel like the whole house has to be done all at once as that can feel overwhelming. It is best to choose one room to begin with, and only move on once it is complete. By taking a systematic approach, you won’t turn your whole house into disarray and it means you can tackle it in small bits over a few weekends.

Make sure you do check the back of your curtains for signs of mould and mildew, and if you need to replace them, please book a free in-home consultation with one of our experts by calling 0800 102 004 or contact us via the website.

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