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Curtains and Blinds Summer Trends and A Look Forward to 2017

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 9 Jan 2017

Curtains and Blinds Summer Trends and A Look Forward to 2017

Although the mix of summer sunshine and all those New Zealand public holidays between Christmas and the end of February means that Kiwis like to focus more on time off at the beach than sprucing up their homes, this time of the year is still important for interior design trends.

At Harrisons, we often see an influx of people wanting sunscreen rollerblinds at the start of the new year and it is certainly a good time to think about doubling them up with existing curtains, romans or blackout blinds to give you that extra option for the daytime.

During the height of summer, the strong sunlight might be perfect for our outdoor lifestyles, but just as we’re urged to cover up, wear sunnies to protect our eyes and use sunscreen on our skin, so sun screens on our windows will help protect floors and furniture from fading, cut out the glare that makes it difficult to see tv or computer screens, and reduce the build-up of heat that makes air con and heat pumps have to work double-time.

A trend particular to this summer has been the increased demand for shutters. Already very popular in Australia, we expect shutters to make the move across the Tasman and become all the rage in New Zealand too. As well as offering a touch of elegance to any home, they are also versatile, hard-wearing, easy-to-clean and functional, giving you total control over privacy and light.

As for what to watch out for in 2017, we thought we’d defer to Harrisons in-house expert interior designer Anita Shirley about what she thinks home renovators, new-build adventurers or simply those wanting to decorate one or two rooms should be looking out for over the next 12 months.

Current design trends have a distinctly botanical theme, says Anita.

“Growing and looking after plants or herbs is a therapeutic escape from our busy lifestyles. In line with current trends we see interiors move toward serenity including bringing foliage into the living or work space. Interior gardens, plants holders, green walls, innovative hanging plants and small pot plants combined with interior fabrics can give a sense of balance, well-being and harmony.”

With more than 500 fabrics to choose from in the Harrisons range, there’s a colour, style and choice for everyone – but Anita has singled out three examples to fit three design trends for the coming year.

True Romantics … featuring Long Island geometric patterns

An eternal theme of refined elegance and romantic opulence.

The luxurious fabrics and decorative embellishments are a nod to old-school Hollywood glamour.

Everyday Sanctuary … featuring Metro

As an antidote to digital technology and hours spent online, we seek

out doses of nature and sanctuary in the everyday.

Culture Shake … featuring Villa Nova

In an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, design

becomes a cultural melting pot for influences coming from every continent.

If you’re thinking about renovating or decorating, Anita has designed a series of mood boards that highlight the most popular trends spotlight by matching curtains and carpets alongside recommended colours and textiles. When you are launching out on a new design project, these mood-boards are an excellent way of being able to visualize how floor coverings and wall colours will work with different choices of window dressings.

One of our experts will happily guide you through Anita’s ideas during an in-home consultation. To make a booking contact us on 0800 102 004 or via the website.

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