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Making the Most of Winter

Ryan Belz - 24 Jun 2016

Making the Most of Winter

In the past 10 years, a lot of time and money has been invested in the state of New Zealand homes and where many of them fall down in terms of an acceptable level of health ratings and energy efficiency.

So many homes were uninsulated when built back in the 1920-1940s while thousands of homes built between 1980-2005 were built using sub-standard materials resulting in leaky buildings.

If you are really serious about keeping the warmth inside, just turning up the heat pump won’t do. Everything works much more efficiently when windows and doors have been fitted with door stops and weather-strips to reduce air leakage or infiltration. These problems can be easily fixed by anyone who has little or no DIY experience and all the necessary materials can be found at your local hardware store.

Many regions around the country go from below zero mornings in winter to dazzling heat and glare in the height of summer. Our curtains and blinds can reduce heat loss in the winter, saving you on heating costs and making your home more energy efficient.

Honeycomb blinds

So how do you keep the cold air out in the colder months and block out harmful UV rays over the warmer months - at the same time?


A lot of our window products can be paired together to resolve more than one problem. Our honeycomb blinds (or cellular blinds) come in light filtering or block out options while the curtain and roman range offer hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from.

Some customers want their window treatments to make a statement, while others prefer to have them blend in with the room. Whatever your preference, our curtains and blinds range can capture the decor style you love while keeping your home warm and comfortable at the same time.

The best place to start is to have a one of our specialists come to your home or office. This gives you the opportunity to get answers to specific concerns, especially if you are not sure what you need. Our expert team will make sure you get the very best product for a specific room by looking at which way the room faces, your colour scheme, your budget and taking exact measurements. Other important considerations are the type of room. For example, if you are adding window treatments to kitchens and bathrooms, humidity and heating play a big part so getting the right product is a must.

To provide good insulation your curtains and blinds need to:

With low levels of daylight hours at this time of the year, it is beneficial to throw open your doors and windows when you can. Sunshine and home ventilation systems help keep mould and mildew out of your home. When it does come time to “close up” for the night, closing the blinds or curtains and containing the heat to only the rooms you use ensures the warmth won’t disappear.

Putting a few simple energy efficient tips into practice will help towards a warmer winter and keep unnecessary costs to a minimum. Low-energy light bulbs, adding a hot water timer and wrapping your hot water system with insulation material and keeping note of just how heat efficient your current curtains and blinds are, are all simple jobs worth looking into.

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