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Five most common questions about blinds

Anita Shirley - 19 Nov 2019

Five most common questions about blinds

1. Do they have thermal qualities?

Our thermacell blinds have exceptional insulating properties. Air is trapped in the cellular honeycomb construction creating an effective barrier against cold windows and draughts. Our thermacell blinds are available in a wide range of systems. The collection includes corded and cordless systems, options for top-down/bottom-up adjustment, sliding, dual fabrics and even specialty systems for shaped or skylight windows.

2. Will they protect my furniture?

Sun filter roller blinds effectively block a great deal of the heat and UV, the soft light they provide does not block your view. Darker colours do not reflect the heat as well as light fabrics but they allow better visibility through them.

3. Can I have privacy in my home during the day?

Sun filter roller blinds have small holes between the threads in the weave of the blind allowing light into the room as well as allowing visibility to the outside while providing complete privacy looking from the outside in during the day. In the evening with the light on inside people will be able to see in.

4. Are they child safe?

Yes, all our chain control blinds can have a Child Safety device anchored to the recess of the window frame, which keeps tension on the chain so it’s not hanging loose.

5. I have a shaped window, can I have a blind?

Thermacell blinds can be made for angled or curved windows. These shaped windows can often be difficult to find a solution for and our specialty shaped blinds are available in all cell sizes to ensure thermal efficiency throughout your home.

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