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Fading Glory: Choosing the Right Window Treatments Can Keep Your Home in Top Condition & Save Money

Harrisons Curtains and Blinds - 2 Nov 2016

Fading Glory: Choosing the Right Window Treatments Can Keep Your Home in Top Condition & Save Money

If you’re renovating your home or building from new, chances are that you’re hoping to fit out your rooms with beautiful new furniture and accessories.

And, of course, a large part of stamping your “look” on your home is in the materials, designs and styles you choose to dress your windows. But as well as the familiar drivers of choice such as the desire to balance night-time privacy with letting in light during the daytime, or a preference for a particular style of curtain over blinds, a major consideration is how well those curtains, blinds or shutters will help protect the contents of your home from harmful UV rays.

There are two main causes of damage that can occur to your possessions in your home other than regular wear and tear:

Your choice of curtains and blinds needs to help you control levels of both light and moisture in your home.

Black-out curtains and blinds work well to cut out all light but are impractical during the day when you want to let in some light. Alternative options include shutters and sun-screen roller blinds, which offer between 90% and 96% UV protection, or venetians which can be set to reflect sunlight up and on to the ceiling to keep rooms bright while preventing direct, harmful light hitting delicate possessions.

When it comes to controlling moisture, the ideal solution is to maintain a well-ventilated, well-insulated home and choosing the right curtains and blinds can help you achieve this. Honeycomb blinds, roman blinds and curtains all offer excellent levels of insulation and help you keep control of the temperature levels in a room while areas that have naturally high levels of moisture, such as laundries, kitchens and bathrooms, are best fitted with venetians or roller blinds so the dampness doesn’t linger in heavier fabrics.

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