Energy Efficient Window Treatments to keep your Home Comfortable Year Round

- 2 Aug 2019

Energy Efficient Window Treatments to keep your Home Comfortable Year Round

When it comes to heating (and cooling) our homes, we’re pretty quick to turn to electronic appliances to do the job. But without the right window treatments, you could be spending more on power than you need to.

Windows and weather

When it’s cold, around 25% of the warmth you create inside your home could be escaping out your windows. And during the height of summer, the sun can easily heat up your interior to elevate the temperature.

Closer inspection is required

The first step to making sure your windows aren’t letting any warm air out (or vice versa in summer) is to inspect all the hardware and ensure there are no gaps around the frames and openings.

You want to stop any drafts, no matter how small, and if you do find a couple of drafts you can easily patch them up with foam window tape from your local hardware store. Check those closing stays too, if they are loose then your window won’t be efficiently sealed when shut.

For a bit more of an investment, upgrade to double glazed windows or consider retro-fitting as a more cost-effective option, but not suitable for all windows.

Layering up for the best result

The final part for ensuring the best energy efficiency in your home is to consider the right window treatments. It cannot be underestimated how imperative it is to have the right curtains and/or blinds in your home. Fortunately, it’s a relatively simple way to achieve an indoor environment which is enjoyable, no matter the weather.

There are so many options available it’s worth knowing what you want for each room of the house. Narrow down your choices with the help of this blog.

If curtains are the best for your living, dining and bedrooms it’s important to consider the lining. The two most popular and functional choices are triple weave and thermal 3 pass coated.

The triple weave lining is mildew resistant and provides up to 70% light block out. The thermal 3 pass is a suede coated lining offers the same insulation properties as the triple weave but is 100% light block out – perfect for bedrooms and especially those who don’t work a typical 9-5pm job.

If you’re after blinds, then the honeycomb option ticks all the boxes with thermal insulation, featuring a pleated air pocket design – similar to the way double glazing works. As an extra layer, roller blinds are great under curtains because you’ll have extra protection during winter (trapping the heat in), and sunscreen blinds to filter between 90 – 96% of UV light when summer rolls around (but still offer visibility).

The right fit is just as important for energy efficiency. With blinds and curtains length and width is key, which is why custom designs are often the best choice.

Curtains and blinds aren’t just about making your home look good it’s maximising their function as well. Book a free in-home consultation with one of our nationwide experts and get it right the first time.

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