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9 Tips for Choosing Curtains, Blinds or Shutters for Your Apartment

Ryan Belz - 9 Sep 2016

9 Tips for Choosing Curtains, Blinds or Shutters for Your Apartment

New Zealand is facing an unprecedented change in how we live as more and more of us choose townhouses and apartments – and that is also changing how we decide to decorate our homes.

With space, money, design and efficiency as the major concerns of the modern home-owner, the way in which we live is also changing what we have to consider when we furnish our windows. So here’s 9 tips to consider when choosing curtains, blinds or shutters to suit your lifestyle.

  1. Privacy: Now there’s more chance of other people’s homes overlooking your own or your windows opening up on to public spaces, people are choosing semi-sheer fabrics or sunscreens to use during the day and doubling them with blockout blinds or curtains for night-time use. Shutters and vertical or venetian blinds are also a functional way to create privacy with a simple adaptation of the louvres or blades.
  2. Space: Before choosing between curtains or blinds, check whether you have enough room at either side of the window to stack fabric. Equally, if space is an issue, consider whether you need the room below the window for storage rather than full length curtains – roman blinds would then be a good option to keep the style and insulation properties of fabric without the heavy drop of curtains.
  3. Heading style: Choosing between different pleat styles is not only a matter of fashion, but will also determine the amount of fabric you are using and how much room you require for stacking at each side of curtains.
  4. Design: Many people consider apartments or townhouses as suitable for more modern, minimal design styles – and, as such, favour the clean, crisp lines of roller or venetian blinds. But there are plenty of chic fabrics to choose from to give a modern look to curtains or roman blinds.
  5. Energy efficiency: The choice of living in small spaces often goes hand-in-hand with a desire to be more energy efficient and leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Careful combinations of venetian blinds, sunshades and curtains can allow you to passively heat your home with sunlight during the day and then trap the warm air in during the cooler nights. During the summer, you can then reverse the process to keep your home cool without resorting to expensive air conditioning.
  6. Cleanability: Apartment living can often mean homes with open-plan living and kitchen areas where smells and moisture from cooking can permeate the whole room. Heavy fabrics may attract and absorb these odours and moisture so it’s important to consider whether curtains or blinds are better.
  7. Style: For smaller rooms, bold and busy patterns will tend to “shrink” the room – as may layered fabrics. Clean, minimalist styles and lines will help provide an airier, roomier feel.
  8. Landlords: The growth of apartments is matched by the growth of people owning investment properties who want simple, cost-effective means to decorate for their tenants. Harrisons offers a cost-effective method to furnish a single room, a full flat or townhouse, or a number of dwellings.
  9. Property market: Because of rising property prices, New Zealanders are also keen to maintain the resale value of their homes and the choice of quality window furnishings will both make your home look good and also protect fixtures and fittings within the home by protecting them from the harsh New Zealand sun.

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