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Venetian Blinds in a Range of Materials

Available in 3 styles Aluminium, PVC & Timber. An economical option, Venetians provide a dual function for both day and night. By simply tilting the slats you can filter light during the day and close the slats completely at night. Whilst Venetians are able to be pulled up they are designed as tilt only function, continuous lifting of the blind will quickly wear the mechanism out so for example they are not a suitable application for doors.

Aluminium Venetians

25mm Aluminium slats: A classic slim slat and light weight blind, great in Kitchen areas.

PVC Venetian

50mm Polystyrene (PVC) slat: With exceptional thermal stability and resilience for extreme temperature and high moisture environments these wood look alike Venetians are a durable & popular window treatment.

Marupa Wood Venetians

50mm Hardwood Timber slat: Environmentally friendly as timber is sourced from sustainable plantations. Slats are coated with an extra heavy UV coating ensuring durability for the harsh New Zealand conditions.

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