Our Guarantees

Our Best-Price Guarantee on Curtains and Blinds

Harrisons Best Price Guarantee means you can buy with confidence, knowing you have purchased the best quality product at the lowest price possible. Dealing with us, you’ll have the assurance you’re getting the cheapest deal available.

Harrisons Price Promise

Here’s some of the nuts and bolts of how our Best Price Guarantee works:

If you are able to find the same product elsewhere in the area at a lower price we will gladly refund the difference#

Conditions, as usual, do apply:

# In order for the Best Price Guarantee to apply, it must be the exact same quality system, with the same product and install warranties and payment terms. The guarantee applies to the product price only. It does not apply to installation expenses, or any other item included in the quote. This is based on standard installations only and does not include installations that require extras. You will need to provide a copy of the competitor price in writing in order to claim on this guarantee.

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